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July 10, 2017

iamavortex – yogo sapphire vortex mining co.

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rob avatar.jpg

iridium channel 1.jpg

a double crosser


vortex 2.jpg

H is for Harvey (Stockton)

harvest harvey.jpg

vortex 1.jpg

harvey harvest 2.jpg

vortex 3.jpg

harvest 3.jpg

vortex 4.jpg

Bobbi, that’s not really a very accurate description other than the part about a church sale, is it? what is this about iridium and circa 1890 – 1930?

irid plat 1.jpg

irid plat 2.jpg

harveys ring.jpg

Harvey’s ring also belonged to actor alan ladd and western artist charles marion russell?

alan ladd.jpg

marion russell.jpg

a charlotte russe bag places over a victims head, a pathologist on russell street, and prussic acid

russell street.jpg


gold mine.jpg


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