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July 10, 2017


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Annie Stockton

i forgot to ask you…………..your dad had a ring with a very large blue sapphire and diamonds on each side of it. it might have belonged to actor alan ladd at one time. it was purchased by harvey from a stolen jewelry fencing operation under mysterious circumstances. did you ever see it?


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12/1, 9:42pm

Annie Stockton

look at the dates on this – november 2, 1962 http://www.nndb.com/people/517/000031424/

Alan Ladd

www.nndb.comBorn: 3-Sep-1913Birthplace: Hot Springs, ARDied: 29-Jan-1964Location of death: Palm Springs, CACause of death: Accident – OverdoseRemains: Buried, Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Glendale, CA

12/1, 11:51pm

Annie Stockton

these pictures are blurry, but it shows the size of it. i think it had 4 antique mine cut diamonds on each side.

Harvey’s Ring

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 8.05.07 PM.png


12/2, 12:14pm

Annie Stockton

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yogo_sapphire ? i really need for you to talk to me about this.

Yogo sapphire – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

en.wikipedia.orgYogo sapphires are a variety of corundum found only in Yogo Gulch, part of the Little Belt Mountains in Judith Basin County, Montana, United States, on land once inhabited by the Piegan Blackfeet people. Yogos are typically cornflower blue, a result of trace amounts of iron and titanium. They have h…


12/2, 6:48pm

Annie Stockton

joe, please tell me – do you remember that ring? was it ever made into something else? do you know what happened to it? it should have been yours to inherit. if it was a yogo sapphire, and there are reasons to think that it was – do you know what it’s monetary value might have been?

12/2, 6:50pm

Annie Stockton



Western Cowboy Artist Charles Marion Russell from Missouri went to work for the Yogo Sapphire mine in Montana at it’s inception. the picture is blurry, but notice the ring.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 8.05.47 PM.png

12/2, 6:53pm

Annie Stockton


can you tell me why your dad was working 2 jobs? he told me that he was lucky if he got 4 hours of sleep at night before going to his day job.

12/2, 7:22pm

Annie Stockton

your dad was found wearing a prussian blue sweatshirt with a yellow collared shirt underneath it and they claim that a pink charlotte russe shopping bag was secured around his neck with zip ties. a light enhanced closeup of the eye that is partially open in the photograph shows that the iris of the eye is burned and is indistinguishable from the white part of the eye. this cannot be reconciled with post-mortem decay. the first tests on animals using hydrogen cyanide were done by placing drops in the eyes. it was fatal within 1 to 30 minutes. hydrogen cyanide breaks down in the body very quickly and can be difficult to detect.

cyanuric fluorine is made from a pink fluorite crystal. cyanide makes the victim’s skin appear pink and flushed with a similar effect of carbon monoxide poisoning.




cyanide can be made from a prussia blue pigment

hydrogen cyanide (prussic acid) from prussian blue pigment and sulfuric acid:

1780-90; translation of French acide prussique (equivalent to Prusse Prussia + -ique -ic ); so called because it was first obtained by heating Prussian blue with sulfuric acid.

In 1752, the French chemist Pierre Macquer made the important step of showing that Prussian blue could be converted to iron oxide plus a volatile component and that these could be used to reconstitute it. The new component was what we now know as hydrogen cyanide.

Hydrogen cyanide has been absorbed into a carrier for use as a pesticide. Under IG Farben’s brand name Zyklon B (German >Cyclone B, with the B standing for Blausäure – “Prussic Acid”), it was used in the German concentration camp mass killing during World War II. The same product is currently made in the Czech Republic under the trademark “Uragan D2”. Hydrogen cyanide was also the agent employed in judicial execution in some U.S. states, where it was produced during the execution by the action of sulfuric acid on an egg-sized mass of potassium cyanide.

hydrogen cyanide is known to to make the victim appear very pink and flushed – in much the same way that carbon dioxide has that effect.

russian charlatans:






Joe Stockton

Ya later this week is perfect. I never have seen that ring


Annie Stockton

i already found the evidence being communicated that it was a yogo, and that explains why the gemology lab that took the ring to before giving it to your dad – couldn’t confirm if it was genuine sapphire because of it’s lack of inclusions. yogo sapphires are flawless and without inclusions, but they are usually small and a lighter corn flower blue color. this would mean that it was or is probably the largest flawless yogo known to exist and with deep rich coloring. mary ellen, RJ, and michael obviously knew about it, and somebody determined that it was a yogo. there’s so much that you need to tell me about the atmosphere and relationships in that home. i’m guessing that your dad must have had it in a safety deposit box that they didn’t have access to. If i’m correct about what happened, there are some very sick, twisted, and ruthless people involved in this, and your silence won’t protect you – they’ll see it as a weakness and possibly an invitation that might embolden them to ensure your silence.


Yogo sapphires do not have inclusions because they come from deep within the earth and undergo extreme heat.

Yogo sapphires are a variety of corundum found only in Yogo Gulch, part of the Little Belt Mountains in Judith Basin County, Montana, United States, on land once inhabited by the Piegan Blackfeet people. (former Franco-Algerian population, see Pieds-noir.)

Yogo sapphires were not initially recognized or valued. Gold was discovered at Yogo Creek in 1866, and though “blue pebbles” were noticed alongside gold in the stream alluvium by 1878, it was not until 1894 that the “blue pebbles” were recognized as sapphires. Sapphire mining began in 1895 after a local rancher named Jake Hoover sent a cigar box of gems he had collected to an assay office, which in turn sent them to Tiffany’s in New York, where an appraiser pronounced them “the finest precious gemstones ever found in the United States”. Hoover then purchased the original mother lode from a sheepherder, later selling it to other investors. This became the highly profitable “English Mine”, which flourished from 1899 until the 1920s. A second operation, the “American Mine”, was owned by a series of investors in the western section of the Yogo dike, but was less profitable and bought out by the syndicate that owned the English Mine. In 1984, a third set of claims, known as the VORTEX mine, opened.


Annie Stockton

these are youtube accounts belonging to a couple of people that i’ve been in contact with and have been watching for almost 5 years. they claim to be from the las vegas area. by the time you look at these accounts, their content might have been changed. somebody seems to be able to see what i look at online. have you ever heard the names Jon Hisey or Robert Peirce? do the pahura’s have friends or contacts in las vegas?



I believe that the ring band contained iridium. All other vintage and antique yogo sapphires that i’ve found have been marked as iridium content in the metal.

i can’t prove what has happened – especially when there are people in law enforcement and government in johnson county purposely trying to deny access to evidence, however, the best protection for personal safety is to publish the known information. otherwise, they might feel that they could simply conspire to stage another fake suicide and plan on blocking access to any evidence and proof otherwise – in the same manner as they did with your dad.

do you understand what i’m telling you? i’m not crazy and i’m not exaggerating the situation.

23.14/7.. .999.999995% §▬Яñ⌡▬§

www.youtube.comHackers Can Sidejack Cookies A beige toaster is a maggotbox. A bit bucket is a data sink. Farkled is a synonym for hosed. Flamage is a weenie problem. A bers…



another account that has been closed was called IAMAVORTEX



Annie Stockton

have you ever seen any of these people before? the blonde haired guy is christian moore who moved from las vegas to johnson county, ks within a couple of months after your dad was killed. i’m guessing that the bald guy might be related to snyders. is it a coincidence that one of the guys wearing a suit looks like russel brand? from what i can determine, christian moore is a very wealthy and educated man from an aristocratic family in pennsylvania.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 8.06.06 PM.png

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Christian’s business partner:

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